1. Is it Safe to use Weed Killer?

Ans: Yes, its safe. But you have to cover your mouth while spraying it.

2. Are these Products are safe to use as per instructions?

Ans: If you are following the instructions given to you in the box of the product, you shouldn’t get directly in touch with it or shouldn’t take it in by breathing. Then these products are safe to use.

3. How Long Does weed takes to show its affect?

Ans: There are different categories of the products, some of them shows there effect after some hours, but some shows after the 24 hours. Most of the products have written their exact time on the product.

4. Should we apply the Weed before it rains or after?

Ans: As we know that there are different categories of this weed product, in which some of them has there effect after the rain & some effects before the rain. But we should spray the weed killer before the rain & mostly in the hot/dry days.

5. Does these Weeds stops more weeds to grow?

Ans: Most of the products when used for the weed killing, kills the weed for that time. But other put the barrier & stops the growth of the weeds. So you must read the instruction before using the product in your lawn.

6. How can i remove the weeds from my lawn without interrupting the growth of my Grass?

Ans: There are different products that can be used & can help you to remove the weed without interrupting the growth of grass, you must choose the product selectively according to your wish.

7. What are the active ingredients in the best weed and crabgrass killer for lawns?

Ans: When you buy the product, there comes the set of instruction with it. You must read it & use it accordingly. If there is no user manual with the product, then you must contact the manufacturer for it.